Wonderful people. As a consumer I tend to ignore testimonials so when Jason asked me to share my experience I got a glimpse into the inner workings of this process. Personally I expect a perfect service and nothing less so I am reviewing the service and the behavior of the staff.

I got a wonderful service. Always there to answer questions, always helpful and most informative. I thank you for a great moving service and hope to use your services in the future.

Best regards, Martha a.

Martha a

Too many times i have witness movers scratch a table or a tv screen! so this time, when i needed a moving company, i decided to do the research. After calling many (something like 6 moving companies) i found “Relocating to Hawaii”. Their price was great and the guy (I think it was Max) on the phone sound credible and professional.

The move itself which is the main issue here was great. Everything was organized and well reversed. The movers we’re polite and fast – so my review is 5 stars – great moving company.

Barton Carter

True professionals!

My personal experience with movers has always been bad prior to my last move with “Relocating To Hawaii” After verifying i am ready and waiting for them they arrived on agreed time, packed everything to the truck and while doing so, packed again stuff i packed poorly (thank you).

The price was great
They came on time
They were nice and professional

Angelo l.

The way “Relocating to Hawaii”¬†moved our office was amazing. This company is really professional, courteous and helpful. i ordered an office move with packing so naturally i was stressed and worried as to the state of my office electronics but seeing these guys pack i was quickly relieved.

They did an awesome job packing everything i allowed my business to quickly return to work by unpacking stuff directly into the desired spaces in our new offices.

thanks a lot for an awesome job!

Aaron Gil

Happy customer here!

This is my first review ever about a moving company and i am happy to leave it for such a wonderful moving company. “Relocating to Hawaii” went above and beyond the needed time they put into my move and arrived ahead of set time (after confirming it with me), the crew was professional and cordial and the price was great.

i would definitely call you in the future should i need to relocate again.

Ali Wagner